About Us

Lease Tracking Services is the most trusted name in insurance tracking. Since 1987, we have provided the leasing and lending industries with skilled risk management services. We offer highly customized solutions to all of our customers so that you receive the exact lease tracking solutions you need backed by our fantastic service.

What We Do

We focus our business on what we do best—insurance tracking. We offer tracking for retail and commercial automobile leases, automobile loans, equipment leases and loans, commercial and residential real estate and floor plan financing. 

Why LTS?

  • We do not offer insurance ourselves, which eliminates any potential conflict of interest. We work with any carrier and conform to their due diligence requirements.
  • LTS provides passive and active monitoring for your customers’ insurance. This means that we process all notices received via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), fax and mail. We also proactively request proof of insurance upon policy renewal, even for policies that are designated as continuous until canceled. Our team will also check websites offered by carriers to confirm coverage and renewal.
  • We scan and store all insurance certificates in our secure database for you to access them when necessary.
  • LTS offers numerous customization opens to meet your needs now and in the future, including modifying the wording on our notifications and the timing of our notices.
  • We can provide you with special reporting in any format that you require, including PDF documents, website notifications, emails and spreadsheets.

“Hi Bob, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the great professionalism and responsiveness you and the LTS team have demonstrated during the DriveTime conversion. It has made a huge difference to the client, and to the overall process. As I think we’ve both learned from being in this business, clients come and clients go – and sometimes come back again. My own view is that the secret to success is treating them just as nice on the way out the door as on the way in, and I’m sure -not only from the experience with this conversion, but from previous ones our companies have shared – that you and LTS feel the same. Thanks again for all your help.”