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Lease Tracking Services

Since 1987, Lease Tracking Services has remained a leader in risk management for the leasing and lending industries.

Let Us Protect Your Business

Our decades of experience allow us to offer highly skilled lease tracking services to all of our customers, including those in the auto, equipment and real estate industries. We pride ourselves on offering a customer-centric experience designed to help your business grow.

We’re Different

At LTS, we offer highly customized solutions for businesses in need. Instead of one-size-fits-all insurance tracking, we are very flexible and work with every customer to find the solution for their needs.

Our insurance tracking services are designed to streamline your operations through reducing your administrative burden, cutting down on losses due to missing or improper insurance coverage and work with you to make you aware of any issues.

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How can we help you?

Our team can assess a sample of your assets and report our findings, as well as give advice on the exposure of your current portfolio.

Force-Placed Insurance

Force-placed insurance is the best way for lenders, banks and creditors to protect their assets in the event that the renter or property owner’s insurance cancels, lapses or is deemed insufficient. While insurance tracking can notify you the moment that a policy is canceled or lapses, it cannot force the lessee to renew the insurance or protect you until they do. By investing in a force-placed insurance policy, you will have your financial interests protected.

Force-placed insurance comes in a wide range of policy types, so you can protect residential properties, commercial properties, foreclosed properties and even mortgage properties inside of a flood zone. Consumer loans and automobile loans can also have force-placed insurance utilized to protect your investment until it is repaid. Why take the risk of insurance canceling or lapsing during such stressful and economically unstable times? Force-placed insurance is the best way to protect your bottom line.

Service Quote

We can also provide you with a quote for your portfolio, whether you are working with another service provider or currently taking care of things internally.

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